Upgrades for Desktop Computers

Desktop Computer Upgrade: Options for Upgrading and Performance Improvement

Is your desktop computer struggling to keep up with your changing needs? If you’re not satisfied with the freezing of work programs, games that don’t leave you satisfied, or even

Facing technical issues such as low FPS and slowness – it’s time to consider upgrading your desktop computer.

In the world of technology, upgrading your desktop computer is an excellent way to take it to a new level of performance. Here are some upgrade ideas that can help you achieve the performance you’re looking for:

Gaming computer upgrade: If you have a desktop computer for gaming, but the speed and quality don’t meet your expectations, an upgrade is necessary. Choosing an advanced graphics card and high RAM can lead to a significant improvement in gaming performance.

Upgrade for editing and graphics: For editors and graphic designers, high processing capability is essential. Upgrading the graphics card, processor, and memory can ensure that you can edit and create efficiently, even in complex projects.

Upgrade for daily usability: If you use a desktop computer for work or study, the right upgrade can impact the user experience. Starting from renewing the processor to increasing the memory, each upgrade can improve the efficiency and speed of the computer.

How to get a personalized upgrade proposal:

  1. Sending a complete specification: The full details of the computer, such as model, technical specifications, and significant uses, will help understand your needs. Send the details to the WhatsApp number 073-2241747.
  2. Meeting at the branch: If you want a quote and a personalized upgrade, you can visit the nearest computer lab branch yourself. The team of experts will help understand your needs and recommend the appropriate upgrades.
  3. Phone contact: You can call our team of experts at the number 073-2241747 to discuss your details and needs.
  4. Sending an email: If you prefer to send the details by email, send them to service@comp-master.co.il, and the team will get back to you with a personalized proposal. You can also send a message directly from the website: Contact the computer lab team

If your desktop computer is slow, unable to run games, or simply doesn’t meet your current needs, don’t stay feeling frustrated. The right upgrade can lead to a significant improvement in performance and ensure that your computer serves you at its best.


Desktop Computer Upgrade: The Benefits of Upgrading at Comp Master Lab

In the advanced technological landscape we live in, the desktop computer has become a tool for every daily and professional activity. When the performance of the computer refuses to match our needs with constant technological development, turning to Comp Master computer lab can be the solution. At Comp Master lab, we tackle desktop computer upgrades and improvements diligently, considering the personal needs of each customer. Why should you upgrade with us? Here are some of the advantages we offer:

1. Fair pricing: Among the various upgrade options, we manage to find the most economical and cost-effective solution for you. Our fair prices ensure that everyone can upgrade their computer according to their budget.

2. Expertise in computing: Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the upgrade that suits your needs. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we are in a position to recommend the most suitable option.

3. Extensive experience in desktop computer upgrades: Upgrading a computer is a complex task that requires knowledge and experience. With years of experience in the field, we understand the small details that make the difference in performance.

How not to assemble a gaming computer - upgrading an old computer


4. Professional lab on-site: Unlike sending the computer to a distant central lab, with us, you can receive the service directly at the branch. Our professional lab enables quick and efficient testing and upgrades.

5. Quick problem-solving on-site: If you’re stuck with a technical issue or poor performance, we’re here to listen and assist. Whether it’s through WhatsApp messages or over the phone, our support team is ready to respond and find a solution.

6. Quick upgrades in urgent cases: We understand how important it is for you to get your computer back quickly. With our extensive experience and technical expertise, we believe we can bring out the best in any computer in a short amount of time. Therefore, if you need an upgrade done in the shortest time possible, our technicians will find the fastest way to perform the upgrade. If any necessary upgrade parts are missing, we’ll order them to the branch, and within 1-3 days, the missing parts will arrive, and the upgrade will be completed as quickly as possible.

7. Full warranty and purchase in one place: At Comp Master, we insist on service quality. You can purchase the required upgrade parts from us, and rest assured that the warranty will be properly arranged and comprehensive.

Upgrading your desktop computer is the best way to ensure good performance and an optimal user experience. We at Comp Master computer lab believe that settling for a weak computer is not an option. Therefore, we’re here to help you upgrade your computer and turn it into the ideal tool for work or entertainment.

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Send a description of the problem and the computer model, and receive an initial price quote for the repair via WhatsApp.

Why are we?

Warranty up to 6 months on repairs

We provide warranty for repairs done, excluding mechanical damage.

Express repairs for urgent cases

Express repairs in urgent cases

Laptop repairs up to component level

Cost-saving on laptop maintenance in cases where motherboard repair is feasible instead of replacement

Repairs only conducted in our laboratory

Your device will not be transferred to another laboratory for repairs. We directly engage with a computer laboratory.

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